West Kootenay Woodlot Association Fall 2003 Field Trip

to Chris Choquette's Woodlot

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Our Host, Chris Choquette Mr. Choquette
Orientation. Out standing in their field
And over there we have... Out standing in their field
A typical forest area. Small Douglas-fir with cedar understory, on limestone based soils. 110 year old stand, with small piece size attributable to overstocking and dense understory. Typical Forest
The crew moving between blocks... Field Tripping
A very small opening (0.1 ha) cut several years ago. Regeneration is growing slowly. Chris now plans to link up several of these little openings to create larger, sunnier openings.

Chris says "One thing I've learned, you need to have sun to grow trees."

Small opening
Much more energetic regen in a 0.3 ha opening. Variety of intermediate and understory trees retained, as well as a group of pet larch trees. Larger opening with larger regen.
Dense healthy regen in a small opening. The former stand had Armillaria. Chris plans to reduce stocking in this opening, but still retain more than target stocking to allow for losses to root disease. Enthused regen
Having been told there was root rot, the crew could not help themselves and had to start a field sampling program on the spot... Armilaria survey breaks out
A diverse partial cut with deciduous, cedar and fir/larch overstory retention. Diverse partial cut
Uphill cable yarded block (small clearcut with group retention) running down to the recreation buffer along Kootenay Lake. This was logged with Chris's small tower. Chris notes that by carefully placing the retained groups, he greatly decreased the visual impact of this logging block. Cable Yarder block
The woodlot is located on rolling, rocky terrain, with limestone bedrock. Small rock knobs are common, and larger rock hills, such as this one, also occur. Limestone hill
Some of Chris's fine collection of equipment.... Pet Iron
... Pet Iron
A panaorama view of a small cable logged clearcut in diverse conditions. This shows the range of terrain and forest types on Chris's woodlot well.