Winlaw Creek Woodlot

Winter 2003/2004 Logging Operations

December 2003 in Block 2
The start of operations in December 2003 in Block 2. This area of uniform Douglas-fir forest is being commercially thinned.

A main skid trail in Block 2 after winter logging.
A main skid trail and surrounding forest in Block 2 after winter logging.

Ungulate Range Restoration

Thanks to the generous help of the Forest Investment Account, and especially the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, we were able to make progress on restoring winter range areas for the local elk, moose and deer poplation this season. The objective is to cut down the tall, old, low nutrition shrubs that the ungulates can not reach, so that tender, highly nutritious shoots will resprout from the roots.

The brush before cutting.
Typical conditions in the brushfield at 2.2 km on the Silica Mine Road, before restoration.

The brushing crew.
The brushing crew from Evergreen Treeplanting CoOp. The work was done late in the fall, after the brush was dormant for the winter. Despite the snow, the crew did an excellent job.

Next spring, after treatment.
Part of the treated area. As the picture shows, the cut brush is not scattered at random, but is piled neatly into stacks and slashed into 3 meter lengths. Thanks to all this hard work by the crew, is is easy for deer to move through the area, walking between the piles. The cut stumps will grow meter long, tender, high protien shoots this summer to nourish the local ungulates next winter.

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