Winlaw Creek Woodlot

Site Plans for Beetle Salvage CP C Blocks 1, 2 and 3 W1832

This Site Plan describes the silvicultural approach, and rationale for that approach, in our 2006 pine beetle salvage blocks.

The gist of the site plans is that the lodgepole pine trees in these areas are now dead - killed by our mountian pine beetle infestation. We plan to log the dead pine and the very few living pine in the area, but leave all of the "non-pine" trees behind. In most areas, the "non-pine" is a substantial part of the forest, and a signifinant forest canopy will be left after logging. In about 30% of the block, the forest is almost pure pine, and there will be almost no standing trees left behind.

Block 3 is an unusual situation. It is a 0.5 ha block that was created for stumpage appraisal reasons in 2005 while we were organizing CP B. The area is pure pine and is to be cable logged. The site plan indicates that there are "other species" present, but this is an artifact of the cruise compilation groupings, and is not accurate. The pine in Block 3 are all dead, grey, and heavily checked. We are dubious that this area will ever be harvested.

Site Plan for CP C Block 1 (0.1 mb PDF)
Site Plan for CP C Block 2 (0.1 mb PDF)
Site Plan for CP C Block 3 (0.1 mb PDF)

Site Plan Map (4.1 mb GIF File)