Winlaw Creek Woodlot

Planning Status as of April 2003

The first Management Plan for W1832 has been approved by the MoF. This plan sets out the management philosophy for W1832, estimates the timber management landbase, and proposes an initial annual allowable cut for the Woodlot.

The holders of W1832 have prepared an first Forest Development Plan (FDP) which sets out:

  • the areas within the timber management landbase where they propose logging at this time,
  • proposed road access development,
  • watershed protection approach in areas affected by development,
  • silvicultural systems to be used in proposed harvesting
  • coarse woody debris management approach in proposed harvest areas,
  • wildlife tree management approach in proposed harvest areas, and
  • other factors.
The FDP was subject to a structured public review process, as set out in Section 7 of WLFMR. Letters to known water users, watershed groups, and other resource users, and a newspaper advertisement, were used to inform the public of FDP viewing options and locations. The Forest Development Plan is also posted on this web site.

The Forest Development Plan was approved by the Ministry of Forests following review and ammendment on September 28, 2002. The holders of W1832 have been granted permission to build roads and log in the Woodlot. A Works Permit was granted to gives the Licencees the authority to upgrade the Silica Mine Road, as explained in the FDP. The road upgrade was completed in the fall of 2002.

Planned Cut Blocks in W1832 Site Plans which describe the silvicultural and engineering approaches to be used in the two approved cut blocks have been prepared. The Site Plans describe how the commitments regarding forest ecosystem management and watershed management made in the Management Plan and Forest Development Plan will be implemented in the field. The Site Plan were approved by the Ministry of Forests on December 16, 2002, and are posted on this web site.

An operational timber cruise to MoF standards was completed on the two cut blocks in December by local forestry workers.

Cutting Permit A of W1832 which will gives the Woodlot licencees the right to harvest timber in these two specific cut blocks was issued in January 2003, and logging commenced soon after in Block 1.

Wildlife tree assessment to identify stable snags and wildlife trees which can be retained during harvest was carried out as required through the winter.

Logging proceeded as planned from mid January to early March, at which time operations stopped for spring breakup. Logging was carried out using a small cat and a two or three person crew. The skid trails in southern portion of Block 1 have been constructed, and part of the block has been harvested. Initial operations focussed on harvesting a moist site on snowpack to minimize soil disturbance, and harvesting bark beetle attacked trees. Logging operations are expected to commence again after breakup.